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Helping B2B start-ups to scale, find the right market fit and connect with customers, partners, and investors in the Czech Republic and abroad

About the programme

Programme built on experience

How to grow a relevant network and generate leads? How to find relevant business partnerships? How to successfully scale business in the Czech Republic and globally?


The M2G programme, thanks to its wide partners network and senior mentors, helps startup founders to find the right market fit and connect their companies with clients, partners, and investors.


It also helps corporates and their leaders to find new opportunities by connecting to innovative solutions that startup companies generate.

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Some past success stories

Richard Malovič
CEO, Whalebone

„Thanks to Ment2Grow, I personally discovered the power of business networking.“

Gabriela Takáčová
Co-founder, Recombee

„Together with our mentor, we were able to successfully set up our CRM and sales processes.”

Patrik Babinec
Co-founder, Skladon

„Our mentor helped us in adjusting our growth strategy and focus on the right segment of potential clients. We are doubling our size every year now.“

Juraj Atlas
Founder, Mileus/Liftago

„Individually set up meetings during our two-day trip to London helped us to open the doors to British customers and partners.“

Vojtěch Dlouhý
Founder, Feedyou

„For me, the biggest benefit was our regular meetings with my mentor. In these meetings and just after a couple of weeks we were able to redesign our sales organization to implement a new sales process and also we were able to set up a new partnership sales. The business trip to the UK was great, it made me realize I should move to London to hunt our first customers there.“

Vladislav Severa
Founder, LearnerOn

„Ment2Grow brought us many interesting contacts, either through Pitch Night or through the pool of contacts. Thanks to the program, I had the opportunity to meet one-to-one with very interesting people. For example, from companies with tens of thousands of employees around the world and also with the investors and it was really beneficial for us.“

Lenka Michalská
Co-founder, OpenWise

„My expectations from Ment2Grow were met more than one hundred percent. We are still in contact with the three investors I met as a part of Ment2Grow. We also gained a new business partner at the networking event. Networking gave me the most, I found out what path to take when looking for foreign contacts.“

Michal Čížek
Co-founder & CEO, GoodAccess

„I like the intention that Ment2Grow has. It is a platform for sharing experiences that brings valuable know-how thanks to mentors and the activities it organizes.“

Designed for advanced growth stage B2B startups

Programme is designed for B2B startups in a growth phase that already has a proven product and existing customers. The program is very selective, applicants are selected by a committee of Executive Board Members. In recent years, roughly a third of startups have been accepted from all applicants. It is important to fill out the application form thoroughly and meet the acceptance criteria, which are primarily the B2B segment, an existing product, and paying customers. We may also require a video call with an applicant to find out more.


We expect you to commit to actively participate in the program - participating in workshops, other events, and mentoring. Please consider your time options in advance. If you do not take use of programme opportunities, you are blocking a place for other potential participants. The time required for active participation is estimated at 1-2 man-days per month. Mentoring and some other activities are intended exclusively for the founder/s, some activities can be used by other key team members or are intended directly for them.


The programme is funded by the contributions of our financial partners. Participants are only required to pay an operating fee of EUR 1000 for 8 months of participation in this programme.


A maximum of twenty companies will be admitted to batch 2023/2024 of the programme. The call for participants for the next batch will launch in September 2023.


What you get:
8 months of highly individual approach for maximum impact

  • Highly Individually selected mentor who spends 2 hours per month working with you.

  • Access to the pool of experts which includes 100+ business contacts on an ad hoc basis.

  • 9 practical workshops and discussions on the topic of international expansion, investment & financing, legal, lead generation, HR & culture, sales processes, and content marketing.

  • 2 high-profile networking events with 60+ guests including partners, potential clients, and investors.

  • 4 knowledge-sharing meetings for founders.

  • 4 knowledge-sharing meetings for CMOs, CSOs, and other team leaders.

  • Business trips abroad (UK, DACH, ISR, more in pipeline).

  • Access to our wide network, the network of Czech founders community, and contacts of our partners in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Leadership & partners

Executive board

Advisory board

Organisers & Partners

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